Monday, May 4, 2009

Long time No see....

Well...finally I am writing a post.... after 8 long months and without a thought of when I will be writing again...

Instead of going for complete life scan I will just stick to last weekend... :)

Well last weekend was a great experience... probably one of the best that I got in corporate life yet...

A serious critical issue for one bank where a process which normally should be completed in 4-5 hrs was taking more than 10 hrs and this weekend being the month end and also long weekend the process was goin to take much longer....

Thursday night my ML was in office and next morning he call me up to take over.... and after that what happend will always be remembered.....

I was with one technical consultation guy who conincidently was from NGP only but 5-6 yrs senior.... but he was so friendly.... he tought me a lot of new concepts of SUN OS, ORACLE DATABASE, diference btwn oracle 9i and 10g, how to see AWR reports of oracle... I know all these are a bit technical things but I loved to learn them.....

after a reallly long time I thought that I was productive enough.....

To add one more update... my mid year appraisal was almost over today....and my ML gave me B+ rating (A is highest) and I am happy with that....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

With Head Held High

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Year Has Passed Since Then

I wrote this poem the day I complete my first year of job.... Year went by quickly but then when I thought I had missed a lot of thing during that year...... :(


Remember that moment on railway station….
When all friends were separating after Graduation….
Some were lucky enough to have a job waiting…
And we were among few with nothing worth stating…
Life was a mess when nothing was in hand….
Every step we took was vain like placed in sand….
Remember friends those days in pain…
And a rocking year has passed since then….

Remember those nights-outs after what we called study….
Those Tea and Poha with some college buddy….
Remember those accidents, bruises and scars….
When Bikes were no less than F-1 car….
Cheating in an exam was as regular as praying GOD…..
When Friends were the only one’s who would never Fraud
Remember my friends that soooothing pain….
But still a rocking year has passed since then….

Remember those fights with dear Mother…..
Whose words sometimes would never bother….
What ever we felt when father often scolded….
It went out of ear like a packet folded….
When hotel food was preferred more than eating at home….
When a no from mother was replied with a rough tone….
I miss some one who was there with me in all my pain….
But still a rocking year has passed since then…..

Two years ago

Two years ago

Two years ago, a smile died,

Tears didn't fell, but heart cried,

All the happiness came to an end,

When two years ago I lost my BEST FRIEND

Though life wasn't smooth then too,

But at least it had a part of YOU,

And then it got difficult to get through,

Since I lost that heart of YOU.

All the memories are still alive,

Heart is making it difficult to survive,

Choices are few and friends are new,

But no one came close as you could do.

Forgive me for the mistakes I made,

Punishment for which I already paid,

But now I really want to get back,

All sadness I want to move off track,

Please give me chance to make happy end,

Two years after, let me get back my BEST FRIEND.

I know it will not happen in a while,

And I will not be able to see that smile.

But all this in one hope I try,

That you will shed just one tear after I die.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Love.....Cherish........Enjoy....... By AK


Different people can have different defi nitions of love. Some say it as the best experience of life, some say that it happens only one time while some say that after one comes another. My perspective on all these perceptions is what I intend to explain here.

Love….ya its beautiful and it's one of the most important things in life. But it has also proven to be very fatal. People have career for it, people have lost enjoying their lives, people have stopped loving themselves also. Why is it that for some there is always a end at love and fo r some there is always a new start after it?

Right now (perception can change with time) I characterize love in two ways… Cherish and Enjoy.

Cherish….a very big word indeed. For those who cherish love, there everything end with love. They are the one who don't care about anyone except love. T he people I mentioned earlier, who have lost enjoying their lives after failing in love, fall into this category. Though Love is one of the most important factor that drives life, it's not the only one. There is more to life than just love. These people fail to understand it. At the same time, these people are appreciated for their loyalty. For them love happens just once and whatever they try to get over a failure they can never come out of it. These people CHERISH being loved.

Enjoy….. an ambiguous word ….But I am talking in positive sense. For people who enjoy loving and who enjoy being loved, love is never ending. For these people every end comes with a new start. For them, to love and to be loved is at a higher level as compared to any particular individual. They enjoy each and every moment of love and tend to get over it in case of failure. As a result they don't go into hibernation for long. They come out soon with great valor.

I respect people who CHERISH love but I feel Love is to e njoy the moment so I adore people who ENJOY love……

(P.S. - Since I am talking about LOVE, I have not considered anyone as good or bad. There are people for whom love is just enjoyment (way of using people), I have not included those people in my thinking.)